Apple wants us to remember that iPhones are better than Android phones

By BreakingFlow / May 22, 2017, 9:07pm EDT


Image by: Apple


Today Apple, the iPhone maker, launched a new website  to tell us how easy is to transfer all our thing from Android to a new iPhone. You can also find some highlights of why iPhones will make your life easier, like super fast performance and good camera.

Along with the website Apple uploaded some ad videos on Youtube, where you can see how easy is to change from a colorless “Other phones” world to a vibrant iPhone paradise. For example in one video they show us a creepy man spying on our lap while we read the news, and that when you make the change your privacy is secured. 

Another one show movers easily transferring all our wall photos to our new “iPhone house”:

The new ads are very reminiscent of Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign in the 2000s to users of Windows PCs.

This campaign comes after Google I/O 2017, where Google announced a lot of changes and improvement to their Android operating system and to their AI powered apps.

Here are the rest of the videos:



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