Is it really an option? - Google Pixel 2

By: BreakingFlow  /  October 21, 2017

Google Pixel 2 XL
Source: Google

This past October 4 Google announced the second generation of the Pixel line. The new Google Pixel 2 and the Google Pixel 2 XL continues the efforts of Google to be an option against devices from Apple and Samsung.

The new Pixel 2 smartphones are already available to buy, here we will briefly revise some of it’s main functions that differentiates it from the competition:

Highest score on a mobile camera

Google focused it’s efforts to maintain the highest score in the evaluation by DxOMark. The new changes allows to take portrait type photos without a second camera and sensor on the phone.

This is possible thanks to the assistance of Google’s Artificial Intelligence to analyze in real time the images taken by the camera sensor.

Google pixel 2 XL camera
Source: Google

Google’s assistant

Google Pixel 2 shows a strong focus to make available to the user all the power of the Internet and the cloud services of Google.

You only need to slightly squeeze the phone and it will show on the screen the new assistant, ready to help in different tasks like: how to set new reminders based on your location, send text messages automatically, search information on the web and much more.

Source: Google

 Google Lens

 With Pixel 2 you can have a glimpse to the future of Google web searches, with the new possibility to get information about famous locations, books and movies only pointing with the camera.


Source: Google

These are some of the new functions that we can find  in this new line of smartphones from Google. Shows the focus in the strengths of the company, but but options like the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy Note 8  can be more enticing to Android users because they have a lot more functions to play with.

To finish we leave here the launch video of the new device:

Also you can find more details of the new features in this link.