Monster Hunter XX announced for the Nintendo Switch

By BreakingFlow / May 29, 2017,  4:02pm EDT

Image by: Capcom

Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) has been announced by Capcom for the Nintendo Switch. Originally launched for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, the Switch version seems like a port of the original, with crispier resolution but not updated graphics.

One key selling point is that you can play in local mode or online mode with other players on the Switch but also with other player on the 3DS console (cross platform multiplayer). You can also have your save data synchronized between the two versions of the game.

Image by: Capcom

The game will be released ion Japan on August 25 of this year. Capcom has not confirmed a release date for North America.

Monster hunter is one of the most popular franchises in Japan, the co-op local multiplayer on the portable consoles helped the series to take off in the country.

You can watch the reveal trailer and first TV commercial here:



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