Unexpected: New Nintendo 2DS XL

By BreakingFlow / May 13, 2017


Image by: Nintendo


With the launch of Nintendo Switch this last April and it’s big success everyone expected that the days of the smaller 3D portable were counted, it seems that is not the case.

On July 28 2017 Nintendo is launching a new refresh to it’s line of DS consoles, this will be the “New Nintendo 2DS XL” with a price of $149.99, that will sell alongside the more expensive ($199.99) 3D screen capable “New Nintendo 3DS XL”

This new console comes with a new design, focusing in reducing the size and making it more confortable to use. In this console you can play all DS (2004) and 3DS (since 2011) games making a great entry device for people new to gaming or to Nintendo. Also a great alternative to the $299.99 Nintendo Switch.

It seems that Nintendo has always used this strategy of constantly refreshing their products, similar to the new standard that came with the born of smartphones.

This helps them make more profit but i think is good to have the alternative to have an updated better performing device.

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